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What to expect as a new patient?

After booking your initial chiropractic appointment, our chiropractic staff will email you a copy of your intake form with questions regarding your discomfort and current and past medical history. 

Your initial chiropractic examination will consist of a thorough medical history, orthopedic and functional testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Your treatment will be catered to your needs and we will try our best to accommodate your preferences

What to bring to your first chiropractic appointment

  • Extended health benefits information (if any)

  • Your current medication list

  • Any X-ray, MRI or CT scan reports and/or CDs

  • Wear comfortable articles of clothing and/or bring shorts

X-Ray Results
Spine and vertebrae.png

What to expect on your follow-up appointment?

  • A customized treatment plan involves manual adjusting, mobilization, and soft tissue treatments.

  • If indicated, supporting therapies such as heat, electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser, or Shockwave.

  • A customized therapeutic exercise program to strengthen affected muscles.

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