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  • What is chiropractic care?
    Chiropractors are regulated health care professionals. They use a non-surgical approach to relieve pain and improve the body’s overall function. They use a wide range of different therapies to address the root cause of your pain. These therapies range from manual adjusting and mobilization to soft tissue therapies. Chiropractic care aims to improve joint movement and decrease pain and disability without medications.
  • What to expect on your first visit?
    - A detailed history of the current problem and any associated symptoms. - Area specific physical assessment (including blood pressure, range of motion/neurological and orthopedic testing). - Discussion of exam finding/Condition management recommendations/Additional testing or imaging. - Discuss diagnosis, available treatment and chiropractic manipulation options.
  • Do I need a medical doctor referral?
    No, chiropractors are primary contact providers, meaning you can access them directly. Due to their extensive training, chiropractors will perform a full assessment to diagnose your condition. Depending on the outcome, Dr. Dina can discuss a course of care or refer to another healthcare professional as needed.
  • What is a chiropractic adjustment (spinal manipulation)?
    A chiropractic adjustment is a quick and controlled force to a restricted spinal joint or segment. This force painless, and the chiropractor will either use his hands or a small instrument (Activator tool) to apply this force. An adjustment aims to restore joint alignment, decrease pain, and increase joint range of motion, eliminating the need for pain medications.
  • What type of training is needed to become a chiropractor?
    Chiropractors undergo intensive training that includes seven to eight years of post-secondary education with more than 4,200 hours of specialized chiropractic training in diagnostic imaging, joint manipulation, clinical diagnosis, nutrition, pharmacology and rehabilitation.
  • When should I visit a chiropractor?
    If you have any of the following conditions: - Frequent neck discomfort and headaches - Nagging muscles and joints pain - Your job requires you to sit or stand for long periods - You notice your arms or legs are not as flexible as they used to be - Sharp and shooting pain down the leg - Want to improve your overall movement and strength Then chiropractic is for you. Additionally, a chiropractor can help address and treat the root cause of your pain and decrease the need for over-the-counter and anti-inflammatory medications.
  • What to expect on your follow up appointments?
    - A customized treatment plan involves manual adjusting, mobilization, and soft tissues treatments. - If indicated, supporting therapies such as heat, electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser, or Shockwave. - A customized therapeutic exercise program to strengthen affected muscles.
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